Board of Directors

Your Association's Annual General Meeting was held January 20, 2024. The Board of Directors and Executive were elected and we're pleased to announce your 2024 Board:


President- Al Bignell.

Vise President- Denton Keith.

Secretary- Eric Frogley.

Tresurer- Sabra Roth.

Alana Eaton  (Director).

Murray Buxton (Director).

Hans Kollewyn (Director)

Will Gough (Director).(Sask.).

Melisa and Adrien Deveau (Directors).

Koren Levoir (Director).

Brian Hill (Director).

Judy Hill. (Director).

Lucy Davey. (Director).(Sask.).

Louise Saunders. (Director).(Sask.).

Mellisa Zarubick. (Director).(Sask.).

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