Wintergreen Challenge

Date: August 9, 2020
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Registration Opens: June 27, 2020
Registration Closes: August 9, 2020

Venue, Contact and Division Entry Fee information is listed at the bottom of the page.


                                   Play day Saturday August 8th & Canadian Cowboy Challenge Competition Sunday August 9th/2020

Play day Saturday August 8th at Wintergreens Farm Indoor Arena 1pm to 4pm
$20 per person to be paid to Cheryl on arrival (you may bring more than one horse but only one of your horses in the arena at a time)
Come out an enjoy an afternoon with your horse playing on Obstacles (Any age or skill level)
Or come out and practice for the Canadian Cowboy Challenge Competition the next day August 9th

Canadian Cowboy Challenge Competition Sunday August 9th at Wintergreens Farm Indoor Arena
Divisions will start at 9:30am.  First walk through will be at 9am 

Order Of Go will be:

1. Buckin' Crazy
2. Shootn' Sprouts
3. Novice
4. Youth

Lunch Break
Second walk through

5. Rookie
6. Older Than Dirt
7. Non Pro
8. Open

Warm up area will be in the outdoor arena
There will be No Concession on site (Sandy Ridge Gas Station next door has many food, drink & snack items available)
Pens available for riders needing pens $15 a night. Reserve yours as soon as possible by calling Karen at 306 229 2532
Looking for Volunteers for this event please call Cheryl at 306 371 1682 if you are able to help. (Volunteers are what makes an event successful)

                         Looking forward to seeing everyone it's been too long and seeing new faces/horses
                         Due to COVID 19 these events may have to be cancelled so please keep checking the website
                         If you are sick in anyway we ask that you Do Not attend these events


Venue and Contact Information

Venue: Wintergreens Farm

For more information contact:

Host: Cheryl Sawatzky
Phone: 306 371 1682

DivisionEntry Fee
Shootin' Sprouts $25.00
Youth $25.00
Older Than Dirt $50.00
Novice $50.00
Rookie $50.00
Non-Pro $50.00
Open $50.00
Buckin' Crazies $50.00

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