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Riverwood Ranch Canadian Cowboy Challenge

Date: September 6, 2020
Evansburg, Alberta

Registration Opens: February 14, 2020
Registration Closes: September 6, 2020

Venue, Contact and Division Entry Fee information is listed at the bottom of the page.


5th Annual Riverwood Ranch Canadian Cowboy Challenge 

Riverwood Ranch is excited to host our 5th annual Canadian Cowboy Challenge. Join us for an exciting weekend full of horsemanship, obstacles and fun this September Long Weekend! Whether your interested in just trying something new at our playday or competing in the full challenge, there is something for everyone at Riverwood.

September 5th 2020 (Saturday)- Obstacle Play Day

September 6th 2020 (Sunday)- Canadian Cowboy Challenge
September 7th 2020 (Sunday)- Labour Day

PLAY DAY- September 5th
Have you ever wished your horse could be “bomb proof”… Are you looking for a new opportunity with your horse… Are you looking for a new horsemanship challenge… Then come visit a obstacle fun day at Riverwood Ranch!

At every play day there is an opportunity for riders to try a variety of challenges and obstacles that will test your overall horsemanship. We believe that the ultimate way to gain a partnership with your horse is to try new experiences. The obstacles provide an opportunity to apply principles of desensitization while teaching your horse patience and trust. We are confident that this open clinic will help strengthen the bond you share with your trusted companion. Riders and horses of all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend! No previous experience is required. The day has a relaxing tone where all riders can come try the obstacles at their own pace! With our knowledgeable and patient staff on hand, we can assist riders attempting new goals and challenges!

How the Play Day Works
– Hours of Operation: 10am -5pm
– $25 per HORSE (Riders are encouraged to bring multiple mounts)
– Open Door Policy: In order to allow riders to work at their own pace, riders may leave and return to the course at any time once their entry fee has been paid
– A man made obstacle and trail course will be available
– No registration required
– Wranglers are available on site at any time to assist riders reaching new goals


Become a member of the Canadian Cowboy Challenge Association and try your hand at competing through the obstacles. The Canadian Cowboy Challenge is founded on the horsemanship and camaraderie found in ranch-based activities and trail riding. Riders demonstrate their skills and those of their horse as they undertake a series of obstacles. With range of classes available, all levels of experience are welcome. Please contact the ranch for more information if you are new to the vent.

Competition Itineary
Class Order (First walk through will begin at 8:30am)
1. Youth
2. Shootin Sprouts
3. Novice
4. Buckin Crazy
5. Rookie
6. Older Than Dirt
7.Non Pro
8. Open
9. LEAD LINE CLASS- $25 entry free per ride paid on competition day

- Prizes are available in each class
- Points awarded as per CCC regulations
- This will be a family friendly event so feel free to join in on the fun or come spectate
- Outdoor grass ranch course: Man made and Trail Course provided: If the weather does not cooperate we will be running the event indoors in our arena.
- Concession will be provided for Sunday September 1st: competition day
Camping is available: $25 per trailer rig for the WEEKEND. Riverwood Ranch has given a discount rate for the CCC Weekend (unlimited horses.people: Rate based on trailers) Tents welcome. Free firewood!
Horse stalls available upon registration. First come first serve VIA REGISTRATION. Call the ranch to RSVP a stall. High lines and self standing pannels will be accepted in designated areas upon confirmation

September 7th - River Run Trail Ride 
Join us for an unforgettable trail ride as we weave and cross the slopes of the Pembina Valley. The River Run has become an annual favorite ride at Riverwood, where we take intermediate and experienced riders down the river slopes for a truly spectacular afternoon. With a minimum of six river crossings, this is a great day for anyone looking for a relaxing day by the water. The day is full of beautiful river views and time spent splashing around. Bring one of your horses or ride on of ours to experience a day on the Pembina River.

  • This event is only welcome to riders with an intermediate or experienced riding level
  • All riders must be of 14 years of age
  • Lunch and Supper are provided. Please contact the ranch for registration and pricing
1 780 996 8070

Venue and Contact Information

Venue: Riverwood Ranch

For more information contact:

Host: Megan Greenwood
Phone: 7809968070
Address: Box 184
DivisionEntry Fee
Shootin' Sprouts $25.00
Youth $25.00
Older Than Dirt $50.00
Novice $50.00
Rookie $50.00
Non-Pro $50.00
Open $50.00
Buckin' Crazies $50.00

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