Riverwood Ranch Canadian Cowboy Challenge

Date: August 13, 2018
Evansburg, Alberta

Registration Opens: March 12, 2018
Registration Closes: August 13, 2018

Venue, Contact and Division Entry Fee information is listed at the bottom of the page.


3rd Annual Riverwood Ranch Canadian Cowboy Challenge

August 11th- Ranch Obstacle Play Day 
August 12th- Canadian Cowboy Challenge 

Join us at Riverwood Ranch for an exciting weekend of obstacles and competion. Riverwood Ranch is located just nort of Evansburg Alberta. With a full campground available come for the entire weekend! Families, beginners and experienced riders welcome! 

August 11th 2018- Ranch Obstacle Play Days
Hours of Operation: 10am -5pm

– $25 per HORSE (Riders are encouraged to bring multiple mounts)
– Open Door Policy: In order to allow riders to work at their own pace, riders may leave and return to the course at any time once their entry fee has been paid
– A man made obstacle and trail course will be available
– No registration required
– Wranglers are available on site at any time to assist riders reaching new goals

August 12th 2018- Canadian Cowboy Challenge 
- First ride through 8:30 am
- All Divisions competing
- Lead Line course for the youngsters (Please call to register 780 996 8070) 
- Prizes supplied till 3rd
- Points awarded based on CCC standards

Ranch Details
- Concession will be provided for Sunday August 12th competition day
- Camping is available: $25 per trailer rig (unlimited horses.people: Rate based on trailers) Tents welcome. Free firewood! 
- Horse stalls available upon registration. First come first serve VIA REGISTRATION. Call the ranch to RSVP a stall. High lines and self standing pannels will be accepted in designated areas
- Directions to the ranch can be found under "contact us" on our webpage


Venue and Contact Information

Venue: Riverwood Ranch

For more information contact:

Host: Megan Greenwood
Phone: 1-780-996-8070
Email: riverwoodranch@xplornet.ca
Address: Box 184
DivisionEntry Fee
Shootin' Sprouts $25.00
Youth $25.00
Older Than Dirt $50.00
Novice $50.00
Rookie $50.00
Non-Pro $50.00
Open $50.00
Buckin' Crazies $50.00

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