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Rising Horsemanship Challenge 6

Date: September 9, 2018
Saskatoon, SK

Registration Opens: February 3, 2018
Registration Closes: September 8, 2018

Venue, Contact and Division Entry Fee information is listed at the bottom of the page.


*LAST* Challenge in a 6-part series all in the same area (Saskatoon - Canter Bay Equestrian and possibly the Grasswoood Horse Park later on) open to ALL members in BOTH provinces
Attend 4 out of 6 to qualify for host prizes and buckles
It is run as a regular CCC challenge with national placement points and payouts as per usual
Pratice in the morning is $20
Challenge is just after lunch! Walk-throughs starting at 12:30pm. The course is a different setup from the morning's set of obstacles, as per CCC rules.
We are asking for payouts to be donated back in support buckles and prizes; however, if you don't wish to do/support the buckle series, you will be paid out accordingly, based on all CCC riders in your division. There will be forms to fill out so we have your address on file. 

Following this last date of the "Saskatchewan Rising Horsemanship Challenge Series," placings will be determined as per host prizes!!!!
Don't miss out!!! We have an incredible amount of support and wonderful prizes, but we are looking for more volunteers. 
Concession will be available.


Venue and Contact Information

Venue: Canter Bay Equestrian or Grasswood Horse Park

For more information contact:

Host: Breanna Sikorski
Phone: 306-202-6737
Address: 709 Temperance Street
DivisionEntry Fee
Shootin' Sprouts $15.00
Youth $15.00
Older Than Dirt $20.00
Novice $20.00
Rookie $20.00
Non-Pro $20.00
Open $20.00
Buckin' Crazies $20.00

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